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Title Index - Chamber Music
Celebration 25! (Piano trio)CH-001
Fountain Fantasy (B-flat clarinet and piano)CH-002
Gli intrighi d'amore (The intrigues of Love) Woodwind Quintet & NarratorCH-003
Harlequinade (Flute, clarinet, bassoon and woodblock)CH-008
A Modal Suite for HarpCH-013
A Modal Suite for Viola and PianoCH-007
One,Yet Different (String quartet)CH-004
Our Love MirroredCH-014
A Suite for Two Trumpets, Two Horns and PercussionCH-005
Swingin’ Suite for Two BassoonsCH-011
Swingin’ Suite for Two CellosCH-012
Three Moods (French horn and piano)CH-010

Title Index - Choral Music
All anthems are with piano unless otherwise indicated
Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed (SATB, flute and piano)C-001
Autumn (poetry of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) (SSAATB a cappella)C-034
Celebrate the Song (SAB)C-027
Celebrate the Song (SSA)C-028
Christ Is Risen! Sing Alleluia! (SAB)C-023
Come, Light Serene (SA)C-026
Dance, Shepherds, Dance before the Manger (SATB)C-002
Eastern Wise Men (SATB)C-029
Ev'ry Tree in the Forest Is Singing (SB)C-003
The First Noel (SATB)C-030
The First Noel (SAB)C-033
Give Us a Vision, Lord (SATB)C-004
Glory and Honor and Majesty Belong to God (SB)C-005
Have You Heard the Good News? (SB)C-006
Have You Heard the Good News? (SS)C-007
Hosanna! Hosanna! (treble voices)C-024
I Woke Up This Morning on the Fourth of July (SATB)C-008
In a Stable (SSA)C-009
Incarnate Love Divine (SATB)C-031
Just As He Said (SATB)C-010
The Lord God Almighty Is His NameC-036
Mary's Lullaby (SSA)C-032
New Christmas Music for Children's Choirs - Set I (treble voices)C-011
New Christmas Music for Children's Choirs - Bethlehem Scenes - Set II (treble voices)C-012
O Praise God With a Song (SATB)C-013
Shine As A Light (SATTBB)C-037
Shout For Praise (SSAATTBB a cappella)C-038
The Simple Words of Christmas (Unison and Two-Part)C-039
Take Time To Be Holy (SAB)C-014
There is a Fountain (SB)C-015
They Led Him Away (SATB)C-016
The Very First Christmas (SATB)C-017
The Very First Christmas (SSA)C-018
What a Friend We Have In Jesus (SAB)C-019
What Shall We Bring? (SSAATTBB a cappella)C-025
Who Would Have Thought? (SATB)C-020
Who Would Have Thought It? God Did (SATB, flute, B-flat clarinet, piano, and two narrators)C-021
Witness to the Light (SATB)C-022
Yet, I Will Rejoice (Habakkuk 3:17-19) (SSATB with chamber orchestra)C-035

Title Index - Orchestral Music
TitleItem #
Conflict and Reconciliation (String Orchestra)O-001
The Musicians of Bremen (Chamber Orchestra and Narrator)O-004
Seven (A Suite for Orchestra)O-002

Title Index - Keyboard Music
TitleItem #
By RequestK-001
Out Of The DepthsK-003
Seven (A Suite for Piano)K-002
We're Marching to Zion (Organ)K-004

Title Index - Vocal Music
TitleItem #
Anna's Song (Soprano and Piano)V-010
Celebration! (Sacred Solos) Volume IV-003
Celebration! (Sacred Solos) Volume IIV-004
Celebration! (Sacred Solos) Volume IIIV-005
Lift Up Your Voice, Volume IV-011
November (poetry of William Cullen Bryant) (Soprano and cello quartet)V-006
O, Death, Rock Me Asleep (Soprano and solo violin)V-007
Psalm of Praise and Hope (Soprano, flute, and piano)V-002
Three Love Songs (Soprano and piano)V-001
Three Songs of Christmas (Voice and piano)V-009
Two Christmas Songs (Soprano, Flute, and Harp)V-008

Title Index - CDs
Yet, I Will RejoiceCD-002