The Making Of Pilate’s Wife 4

The final section of Act I has been completed. Here is the action. Deborah departs and sends Darius, Pilate’s servant, to Procula. The final scene of this act includes the entrance of Pilate and his interaction with Procula revealing their relationship. I wanted Pilate to have something special in his music so I used a synthetic scale and worked to give him a military air. At one point in his interplay with Procula he expresses his frustration with the Jewish people. “I think this city is accursed! Why? Why can’t these people see Roman rule is fair and just. Roman rule is fair and just. Why? Why must they be so obstinate?” Click here for an example (remember that these are MIDI files without words).

I also want people to see the loving relationship between Pilate and Procula. Some of the music of the opening aria returns, this time cast as a duet. The couple reflect on Pilate’s appointment as procurator of Judea, Procula:” I remember that day when you told me your good news.” Pilate: “I had been appointed the Prefect of Judea. That posting was an important step in my career.” Both: “Best of all it meant we would marry.” Click here.

They sing of their wedding in Rome, Procula: “I remember our wedding.” Pilate: “I remember your flame-colored veil.” Both: “I remember our love fulfilled.” Click here.

They remember their honeymoon voyage to Caesarea, Judea’s seat of government, Pilate and Procula: “Then came our journey across the sea. Sunny days, warm nights.” Click here.

Then they recall the difficult times in Jerusalem and the possible results of the treason of Pilate’s mentor, Sejanus, and their fears of trouble at Passover time.

Deciding to turn from their somber thoughts and enjoy the evening together, they drift away to dinner as the curtain closes, Procula: “Ah, Pilate, let us not think about that tonight. Let us enjoy this evening.” Pilate: “Ah, yes, you are right, dear Procula. Let us enjoy our time together.” Both: “Our time together.” Click here.

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