Samantha Sherman collaborative art song

Samantha Sherman, a voice student of Dr. Cheryl Coker, Millsaps College, Jackson, MS, collaborated with me on the writing of the art song, “The Key-Note,” (poetry of Christina Rossetti). I sent her several poems; she selected “The Key-Note,” Samantha told me why she chose the poem, spoke of favorite vocal composers, and mentioned some of her favorite musical styles. Her teacher, Dr. Coker, sent me videos of Samantha’s performances that I might get acquainted with her voice which, by the way, is very beautiful. With these thoughts in mind I wrote the music for this art song. On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, Samantha presented her senior recital which included this collaborative art song. Click the link to listen to her performance accompanied by Lynn Raley at the piano.

The Key-Note
Samantha Sherman holds an autographed copy of “The Key-Note”
as she stands beside her voice teacher, Dr. Cheryl Coker.

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