Psalm of Praise and Hope
(Based on selected verses from Psalm 33)

The three-note theme which the voice announces, “Sing, O sing,” is the basis for most of the “Praise” section. Also featured is the Hebrew word, “Teruah,” a shout of joy, used in much the same way as the more familiar “Hallelujah.” The final shorter “Hope” section is based on a Hebrew chant used with Psalms. The harmonies are mostly quartal. Only at the end with the last repeating of “our hope in Thee,” do we hear a resolution to a final major chord with a soft high sounding of the original three-note motif.

This work in its entirety is intended for a concert or recital program. However, certain sections can be excerpted for use in a church service. Listed below are inclusive measure numbers for these sections. Also indicated are suggested uses in the service.

Praise Solo: Measures 10-80 (for an ending repeat measures 69 and 70)
Meditative Solo: Measures 83-126.
Call to Prayer: Measures 231-246 (first half of the measure)
Benediction: Measures 246-end

LengthApprox. 13 minutes
InstrumentationSoprano, Flute, and Piano

Item #V-002

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